Wovie Redux Free Download 3.3.4

Wovie Redux Free Download is the new, improved, modernized version of the original Wovie script Free Download by Codester. It’s a one-button solution for streaming movies & TV shows. It doesn’t need any extra plugins or add-ons to work. It plays on all browsers, on all devices!

Wovie Redux PHP Script Features

  • TMDb Import of movies and shows.​
  • Onesignal API for notifying subscribed members.​
  • Comment system.​
  • A forums section.​
  • Advertisement manager and advertisement slots.​
  • Chatbox for requests and general chit chat.
  • PWA Support which works on Android and iOS for those none native apps.
  • Better SEO Support.
  • More customisations.
  • Sitemap generation for Google Search Console.
  • RSS Feeds for your users to subscribe to.
  • Maintenance mode for if you need to do some secret work.
  • Auto embed support using Remote Stream*